Traveling Stars [PC]

Title : Traveling Star
Developer : Hooksoft
Publishers: Hooksoft
Length : ??
Language : Japanese
Credit: Oplss-Team
Size : 3,8 GB GB Single Link

Description :

Souma is your average guy living a very ordinary life in peaceful Japan, however one day he was chosen for an extremely important role. As the world’s ambassador to the newly linked ‘other world’ Sansarune, he was tasked with taking in their magic culture there. He despaired at having no friends, TV nor games in this world, but how could one not be excited about being in a fantasy world that everyone dreams of? It was a world of elves, vampires, angels and demons, not to mention girls with animal ears.

Ten years later, Souma returned to the human world to the jointly-created floating city Arteal, and enrolled into the newly-founded magic school there. As someone who had experienced both cultures, he was relied upon, looked up to, and adored by everyone. It was a unique new beginning for someone who used to be just a normal boy.


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