Motoyan no Oku-san wa Suki desu ka [PC]

Title : Motoyan no Oku-san wa Suki desu ka?
Developer : Heiantei
Publishers: Heiantei
Length : Short (2 – 10 hours)
Language : Japanese
Size : 500 MB Single Link


Akira is a young man, who works part-time. He has a co-worker, Reiji, who is constantly flirting around at work.

One day, to Akira’s surpise, Reiji asks him to pick up his daughter from kindergarden and see her home.
Akira agrees and so he meets Reiji’s wife, a strong and independent woman named Nozomi.
Over the next few weeks, while Reiji always finds new excuses to be absent, Akira gradually gets closer to Nozomi and her children.

One night, while drunk, Akira and Nozomi almost have sex and Akira confesses to her.
Confused, Nozomi consults her best friend Yukari.

Yukari has the the perfect solution for Nozomi’s fear about losing her family: Yukari only has to seduce Akira by herself…


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