Marunomi [PC]

Tittle: Marunomi
Genre: Hentai, Visual Novel
Developer: Bakery
Publisher: Bakery & Rogue Translator
Release Date: -
League: Japanese & English
Size: 127 Single Link


Hunt down scared girls, weaken them, and swallow them! Enjoy causing panic in the monster simulation game: Marunomi!!
12 small heroines
Many girl swallowing h scene events.
As a slime monster taking various shapes, gulp down girls from top to bottom, and submerge them in your bodily fluids.
With a map system to hunt down girls, then a battle system to weaken them and capture them. From the position of a superior invulnerable monster, drive them into a corner!!
Swallow girls and violate them while they struggle in your Stomach. Their screams can’t be heard from deep within your belly…

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