Violated Hero: II [PC]

Title: Violated Hero: II [PC]
Genre: Hentai, Visual Novel
Size: 1.3 GB Single link

Description :

The descendent of a proud lineage of heroes: you.Face terror in the form of SO MANY monster girls!Strokings of the cock (handjobs)! Twirlism of the tendrils (tentacles)! Girlance of the top (girl on top sex)…?Enjoy reverse r*pe by all of hell’s diverse cuties.You are a hero. Unsheath thy gentleman’s weapon!(It’s probably futile, though.)To save the world, defeat the demon queen!

How To Instal

Extract game > copy data.xp3 to game folder

For Patch :

Files in patch:
1. /English/ – directory of translated content
2. English patch install.bat – batch file for easy installation
3. English readme.txt – the file you’re reading now
4. kikiriki.exe – Phiber’s Kirikiri tool for extracting and decrypting the game files
5. madCHook.dll – library used by kikiriki for decryption
[Easy Installation]
1. Copy all files in the archive into your Violated Hero II directory.
2. Run the English patch install.bat batch file and wait for it to finish. If you’re using a weird operating system, you might not have xcopy and will have to manually copy the files from the English/ directory. You should be fine on XP/Vista/7 though.
[Manual Installation]
1. Copy all files in the archive into your Violated Hero directory.
2. Open a command prompt and run “kikiriki.exe -i data.xp3 -o data” This will extract and decrypt the game files. If you have problems with the decryption, try adding “-e VH2_game_executable.exe” to your arguments.
3. Rename or delete data.xp3 to prevent conflicts with the extracted files.
4. Copy everything from the English directory into the data directory, overwriting all files.

Help, it didn’t work!
1. Run the game with your computer in Japanese locale. Also make sure you extracted the game in Japanese locale too. There are lots of tutorials for this on the Internet.
2. Make sure you have a /data folder but no data.xp3 file. Rename or delete data.xp3 if you do, otherwise the game will still be in Japanese.
3. If you’re using applocale or a similar program rather than setting your computer to Japanese locale, make sure the Violated Hero II game directory name doesn’t contain any Japanese characters before you attempt the patch install.
4. Make sure the directory path to the game isn’t excessively long. I don’t know if it’s a problem with Windows or the game engine, but this can cause the game to not execute properly.

1Q. After defeating two of the generals in the castle, the other doors all locked. Is this a bug?
1A. No, on your first play-through, you’re supposed to go lose to Xueli. This gives you a game clear flag and keeps the doors from locking in the future. You should probably keep a save before you fight any of the generals that you can reload for this purpose. If you didn’t, you can start directly at the castle on a second play-through.

2Q. Some of the names and such aren’t translated, what’s wrong?
2A. Some details like those are saved with your save file. You’ll have to start a new game to see the names translated properly. It’s not a big deal at any rate.

Images that aren’t translated:
– Rank up images past the first. They don’t say anything new.
– Place name images. These look nice in Japanese and would have been a huge pain in the ass.
– Encyclopedia entries for non-bosses. Lots of work.
– Tutorial images other than the battle one. Exploring and the status screen are pretty self-explanatory.
– Battle icon messages. The tutorial battle is translated and the icons are self-explanatory.
– Enemy nameplates in battle.
– Most of the status screen.


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