Tech48 [PC]

Title: Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
Genre: Hentai, Simulation
Size: 1 GB Single link

Description :

Girl runs on the locations, simultaneously opening up new, collects the money, you can spend it on clothes, accessories, hairstyles, etc., have sex at any time
, any place and at all positions, and the amount of diversity is sufficiently veliko.Razrabotchiki declare that for the first time in “adult» PC-game technology is used facial recognition and tracking the movements of the head.
Tech48 (テック フォーティエイト) is a 3D eroge created by the Japanese company Teatime. It comes on DVD packaged with special webcam – “T-CAM” (it isn’t required to play). It was released on 26/06/2009.


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