Renai + H-English-TeaTime [PC]

Title: Renai + H-English-TeaTime
Genre: Hentai, Simulation
Size: 3 GB Single Link

Description :

This is TEATIME’s 18+ answer to the popular Love Plus. Not storyline to follow, just a free reign SLG adventure with your bishoujo of choice. You get to choose between cheerful ojou-sama Ayano, tsundere ‘imouto’ Saki and calm ‘onee-san’ Nana. You can customize her appearance and personality and then take her out on a date. Will you hold hands, share a passionate kiss, or maybe…? It’s up for you to decide! There’s also pocky and jankenpon mini games.

How To Instal

1. Unpack
2. Install
3. Play


Download File From


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