Itazura Gakuen-HF Patch-Real [PC]

Title: Itazura Gakuen-HF Patch-Real [PC]
Genre: Hentai
Size: 1.7 GB Single link

Description :

Interheart is proud creator of “Itazura” series, simulator of chikan, and “Custom Ai-Droid”, colorful customization game! Enjoy molesting the girl created to your liking, there every chikan’s dream comes true.

Customize 4 main characteristics: body, hair, clothes, personality.It is possible to make fine adjustments, and of course costume choise focuses on school uniform in this game of “Naughty School”!


Help, it didn’t work!
1. Run the game with your computer in Japanese locale. Also make sure you extracted the game in Japanese locale too. There are lots of tutorials for this on the Internet.
2. Make sure you have a /data folder but no data.xp3 file. Rename or delete data.xp3 if you do, otherwise the game will still be in Japanese.
3. If you’re using applocale or a similar program rather than setting your computer to Japanese locale, make sure the Violated Hero II game directory name doesn’t contain any Japanese characters before you attempt the patch install.
4. Make sure the directory path to the game isn’t excessively long. I don’t know if it’s a problem with Windows or the game engine, but this can cause the game to not execute properly.


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