Harajuku Dating Paradise [PC]

Title: Nanpa Nama Hame Nakadashi Banzai
Original title: ナンパ生ハメ 中出し万歳
Year: Japan 2009-05-01, English Version 2014-07-04
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Developer: Ume Soft
Publishers: JAST USA
Language: English
Voice: Japanese
Info: VNDB
Size: 500 MB Single Link

System Requirements:

OS :WindowsXP/Vista/7/8/8.1
CPU :PentiumII400MHz or greater
Memory :512MB or over(Windows Vista or greater: 1GB or over)
Hard Drive :Approximately 570MB Full Install
Monitor :800×600 or over,Full Color Mode Capable
VGA :800×600 or over,Full Color Mode Capable
:Direct Draw Capable
Sound :PCM Playback Capable
:Direct Sound Capable
DirectX :DirectX7 or greater,Direct Draw,Direct Sound Capable
Game Pad :Microsoft SideWinder Capable

How To Instal

1. Double click SETUP.EXE to begin. (Vista users may see a User Account confirmation Screen. If so, please Click “Accept(A)”)
2. When the Nakadashi Banzai settings window opens, choose “Install.”
3. Input a player name (Inputting a name is not required. Those who wish to add or change a name after installation, please choose “Name Settings” from the menu.)

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